CALENDAR Weekly Fishing 2016-2017

Our Mission
It is our mission to use sports fishing as a vehicle to mentor children and create real moments of truth between our angler mentors and our young angler participants.

At Hooked On Fishing Not On Violence we are clear that our kids need to have structured, safe, fun activities that provide learning opportunities. The program is designed to Teach Kids How to Fish and the Rules and Regulations of Fishing.

Nature Heals
Fishing allows our kids and their families to be removed from the environmental risk factors that many of them face and just be at one with nature.

Angler Skills Labs include:
– Fish Biology
– Human Dimension
– Identification of Common Fish Species
– Life Skills Development

Fishing Boy1Our Services include:
– Sports Fishing Workshops
– Leadership Group Activities
– Day Fishing Outings
– Camping Outings
– Fishing Derbies

Fishing Girl1  Fishing Boy2

Fishing Boy  Fishing Girl  Teaching-kids-to-fish


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